Three weeks today!

Here we are — our first Easter as an O’Donnell family of three! 🙂 I can’t believe we haven’t even been married a year yet.

We are so enamored with him. I never understood how captivating the wiles of newborns could be until Jones arrived. Now, we find ourselves in a morning ritual of bringing him to bed after his first meal just to watch him wiggle. Jones even got his dad to “baby talk” a bit while we were at The Mill yesterday! (And yes, we took a three-week-old to The Mill. He also had his first public feeding there — I just wanted to hurry up and get it over with so I wasn’t confined to the house for the rest of his breastfeeding life.)

And just so I’m straight with everyone: I was not this excited about our little newborn when we first brought him home — and I was convinced I was monster-mom because of it. I now realize the shocking reality of parenthood (and the desire to be right before God in said ‘hood’) is more than enough to postpone baby-and-new-mother bonding. Especially if you’re extremely introspective, as I am, and often think too much — things like new babies can easily become terrifying. The phrase “I am evil, born in sin” went through my mind a lot that first week, I felt so awful for my lack of excitement about mothering Jones. But, of course, God is good — and good to me.


One thought on “Three weeks today!

  1. hi jamie- i found your blog from joanna’s blog! great to see the new pics of jones! how fun!
    wanted to tell you also- don’t feel bad for not initially wanting to be a mom when you got home- LOADS of people feel that way- they don’t talk about it- and then they feel like they are the only one. that isn’t true! i have lots of friends who went through that stage. it goes up and down i think- but oh so awesome too!
    hopefully i’ll get to check up on yall through your blog!

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