3 thoughts on “Line up, Ladies…

  1. Really cute baby!!!

    I sure like the look of your blog.
    The internet is certainly a great
    to have a great witness to many.

    If you’re interested, I’ve posted
    some blog links (including yours –
    hope that’s alright) of others who
    are doing the same…

  2. I think it’s great when people
    use the internet in an evangelistic
    way like you’re doing.

    That’s what I’m trying to do
    also with my blog. I try not
    to look religious and my
    hook is humor and yet
    controversial issues are
    also discussed. As long
    as it’s evangelical with
    a Biblical Worldview
    and interesting, I try
    to include it.

    Please pray for us –
    we’re often under
    attack and have
    been for our entire
    10 year existence.

    Thanks again for
    what you’re doing…

    Your Internet Friend,
    Professor Howdy

  3. thanks to you both .. whoever you are 🙂 and you can certainly link to my blog, though i’m not really using it for evangelistic purposes. i just enjoy writing (though it wouldn’t seem like it, since i haven’t posted in a while), and there are a number of folk from my church who blog. i’m just hoping to have a forum for thoughts, a place to share struggles, etc. if it encourages or amuses others, great 🙂

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