“.. goes my heart!”

Seen Music & Lyrics yet? Beware. As a classic Hugh Grant romantic comedy (of them all, I still like Notting Hill the best — but this one might take second), it is full of British wit and catchy one-liners. Very funny. BUT, there is also this song that sent Hugh Grant’s character into 80s fame and 90s ‘has-been’-dom that is extremely catchy. We watched the movie Friday afternoon, and the dumb song has been in my head ever since. I even found myself humming “you are goooooold aaaaand siiiiiiiil-vah-ah-ah” during the sermon today. 😛 (True confessions.)

Though perhaps the hilarious 80s-music-video parody makes up for the silent torture the song has given me the past few days.

(Watch at your own risk! ..and don’t blame me or curiosity for the words running through your head the rest of the week!)

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