Bread & Cup

If I were not committed to being a stay-at-home mom, I would work at this place. I’m actually quite sad about it — their commitment to making simple, memorable food and creating a place for community and conversation inspires me. I want to be a part of what they’re doing. I want to spend time making a perfectly-shaped loaf of bread. I want to serve good drinks — wine and beer and coffee. I want to watch people enjoy them.

I suppose that’s what my home is for, eh? 😛 Silly how things can be easily forgotten. Regardless, I’m making a date for cinnamon rolls and french press at Bread & Cup.

PS — Another very cool place just opened about a month ago. Jones’s namesake, Jones Coffee, at 11th & G. Very cool owners. Good coffee, served in big mugs (with one free refill!), with great colors on the walls.

2 thoughts on “Bread & Cup

  1. Elizabeth and I are super pumped for this place to open too. We shall have to go with you guys and enjoy some good talk, good bread, and good drink.

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