It’s been a while… here’s a picture to update you. 🙂 Jones will be 4 months on the 20th! Life has flown by since his birth, though it seems like ages ago when he decided to make his entrance into the world. He now has two bottom teeth and giggles like crazy! The chubby cheeks continue to be a favorite among the ladies. He is an amazing gift from God, and I’m continually reminded that I have been entrusted with him — he is not mine, and I do not decide his future (though I do play a part in it).

I’ve thought often of Hannah in 1 Samuel — how in the world did she carry her baby boy for nine months, give birth to him, nurse him at her breast, and then take him to Eli the priest and see him only once a year afterward? How did she feel? What did she pray for little Samuel? Could I do that if I were asked? I’ve read this chapter before, but its quite a different story when read post-mommyhood.

It’s a very strange thing to enjoy God’s gifts and feel a pang of dread instantly after, for fear that these precious blessings will be taken away. The only way I know how to battle that fear is to pray that I won’t hold tightly to anything that is not rightly mine — which happens to be everything around me. A.W. Tozer believes that is what it means to be poor in spirit — to have everything, yet possess nothing.

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