Hairdos and Rolling Over

Jones and his first soft-mo (or faux-hawk, whatever you want to call it).

He mastered rolling over today, beginning with his morning squawking. I dragged myself out of bed and limped into his room, only to find him stuck on his tummy in his crib.. and hungry. I rolled him to his back, hoping to make him a bit more comfortable while I filled up my water glass. He rolled to his tummy. I rolled him back. He rolled again. We did this for a while before I realize he’s living inside a baby’s private nightmare: the rolling seems quite automatic, and once he’s there, he’s staying, whether he likes it or not. He brought this to my attention several times throughout our day with a series of grunts, followed by a grunt-turned-deep-wail to indicate that he would like some help. Eventually, I decided it would be better to just let him grunt for a while — the sooner he figures out tummy-to-back, the happier we’ll all be.

At small group tonight, one of the mom’s asked me if his rolling has woken him up in the middle of the night yet. Yikes. I guess we’ll see — it’ll be hard times for mama if he does, cuz I’ve been getting a full night’s rest for quite a while now. Choose your battles, little man! Naps OR night-time, but not both!!

2 thoughts on “Hairdos and Rolling Over

  1. jame- abigail did this at first and would get mad- so we got a wedge deal-yo.. you just let them sleep in between these 2 foam triangles.. it was genius.. and josiah loves his tummy.. so it helped him sleep!

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