Dads will be dads..

Don’t freak out. It’s not actually as death-defying as I once thought (though Jeremy Tredway may disagree).

(And the “death-defying” obviously applies only to the first part of the video. Mirrors are not that scary.) 🙂

Jones Standing Tall

5 thoughts on “Dads will be dads..

  1. Heh. I’m still chuckling over Jeremy’s “heart attack” from last Saturday night.

    Who sings the second song in that video, by the way?

  2. Both songs are by the guy who did “Don’t worry, be happy” — I don’t remember his name, but in the first song he’s singing while a really famous cello player (whose name I also don’t remember) is playing. Bryan knows their names.. 😛 so I guess I thought I didn’t have to. 😉

  3. I read that second comment of mine where I suddenly know the name of the man who wrote the songs and thought, “I don’t remember writing that! How strange.”

    Apparently Bryan doesn’t feel the need to differentiate himself from me anymore. Oh, the joys of becoming one flesh!

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