Day 1

I believe Jones is teething again. Not that everyone really desires to hear all the details of my experience, but this is my blog — so write, I will! The symptoms:

  • His drooling has really picked up today. And I’m talking big, sticky puddles of drool on every surface of the house he’s touched. He’s also gotten a little rash in his chin from all the stickiness.
  • He doesn’t nurse any longer than he has to. He does this weird grunting thing when he starts sucking, like he’s in pain — and as soon as he’s finished, he whines, like, “That did NOT fix my problem, mom!” He did this when he got his other two teeth, and it was very frustrating. (Lots of tugging, pulling, and crying — ouch!)
  • Chewing on his hands — chewing, chewing, CHEWING! (That starts to become a weird word when you type it four times.)
  • He’s been superbly crabby — we’ve already broken out the Tylenol, and I’ve resorted to putting him in the carrier and toting him around the house so I can do something besides sit with him. (Right now, he’s typing on the computer with me and NOT liking it. We’re going to try a nap, I think.)

Anyway, today is Day 1 of extreme teething crabbiness. I think I read somewhere that the worst of teething really only lasts a few days, so we’ll count and see if there will be any pearly white bumps to add to the mix this weekend.

Stay tuned! (And pray that the addition of teeth will not mean a new biting habit!)

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