Day 3

Add a slight fever to the list of symptoms, about 99.9 the three times I’ve checked it today. He’s started to put his hands up to his ears and pull at them a bit, so I’m wondering, ear infection? I wish the dang tooth (if it is one) would just pop up so I wouldn’t have to keep on guessing. We’re taking a trip to St. Louis Tuesday through Sunday, so I don’t want to go on the road without some meds if it really is an ear infection. However, I’ve also called my family physician a number of times, wondering if he had an ear infection, only to find out at the visit that my 2 + 2 didn’t add up to 4. *sigh* Decisions, decisions.

No one listed “detective work” on the prerequisite sheet for mommyhood.

(I’m starting to feel like House.)

One thought on “Day 3

  1. I feel like House all the time! Many of the symptoms you write about, Xander is also experiencing. Constant chewing (= raw fingers), excessive drooling (=soaking his onesies), and yes, sometimes very crabby. Guess we just gotta ‘hang’ in there.

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