My little Dracula

As a teething update, there is one, lonely little fang pushing through on the top. I keep thinking how weird this teeth combination will be, with the bottom two fully in and one little fang sticking out by his lip.

I also think, “All THIS?! These past two weeks of crying for one measly tooth?!!”

And Jones says, “And it ain’t over yet, Ma.”

4 thoughts on “My little Dracula

  1. How’s boot camp going? The same thing happens with Tabitha, except in the middle of the night…BOO!. She goes down pretty easily for bed if we put her down before she gets too tired.

    I can’t believe Jones has so many teeth already!!

  2. Boot camp is okay. 😛 I’m starting to think that the larger part of his crying was adjusting back to life after we’d been gone for a while.. but who knows with these babies — it could be any number of things, which is the frustrating part! We’re still giving him his paci, we’re just taking it out before he falls asleep. I don’t know if we’ll keep it up because he seems to be kind of indifferent and really relaxes better with the paci in his mouth.. we’ll see!

  3. Ahh…Tabby is down for a snap!

    We had to stop getting up to put the paci back in the middle of the night. It was ridiculous getting up every 15 minutes or so. I threw a tantrum one night too. That was the end of the line. She’d cry for 5 to 20 minutes and then fall back to sleep. We are a little more lenient(sp?) when it comes to putting her down. I usually stay by her side for awhile until she stops wriggling. After that if the bink falls out, she usually doesn’t need it. But it definitely helps her settle into sleep mode. It’s all trial and error. Never a dull moment!

    I will post the blowout story soon. It is blog worthy!

  4. From what I understand, the top teeth and molars are the most painful- the former b/c of sharpness and the latter b/c of largeness and having to poke thru so much more gum…

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