Contest: What should this caption read?

I’ve tried and come up empty-handed every time. Blog recognition for the winner of my choice! (Oh, the places you’ll go being mentioned at “High Countries”! Ha!)

8 thoughts on “Contest: What should this caption read?

  1. Ummm…

    *I* should have been entered in that pie eating contest!

    Is Jones still snapping? Part of me has come to terms with Tabitha’s snap habit, then every time I put her down, part of me hopes it’ll be a long nap.

  2. Jamie, Friends of ours who are organic farmers called and will be making an extra delivery of chickens Thursday. They come to our house and have people pick chickens up from our driveway. They usually are here anywhere from noon to 1:30. They will be letting me know the time closer to Thursday. I could visit before or after that. Or if you wanted to come Friday that would work for me as well. I look forward to seeing you and Jones.

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