So it’s not very fall-esque, but I was feeling the need for a change. Let me know if it gets too bright.

And just so everyone is on the same page: Autumn is by far the best season around. I don’t know what’s going on with the 80-degree weather, but I’m ready for jeans and long sleeves!

..And pumpkins.. and pumpkin desserts.. and apples.. and apple cobbler.. and apple cider.. and warm colors.. and clear, crisp days.. and that smoky smell in the air.. and walks that don’t make you sweaty.. and cozying up at night.. and open windows.. and saving energy money because of the open windows.. and soups.. and CHANGE! I know there are those in the world who dislike that sort of thing, but I quite enjoy it (change, that is), which is why (I think) I dig Fall.

2 thoughts on “GREEN!

  1. fall is the best. And Japan has an amazing fall. make sure you and the family get some time in nagano during the changing of the leaves. BEAUTIFUL!!!
    love your new layout. 🙂

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