Sitting on the toilet from birth?

Let me just say that I thought this article on infant potty training was RI-DI-CU-LOUS. Rushing a 1-month-old to the potty each time I think he might pee? (Would I ever leave the bathroom?) Keeping them diaper-less in the night and listening for “that” rustle to tell me he needs to go? Seriously!

There are parts of the world that practice this, but not as a method of “potty training.” In China, babies have slits in their pants, and when mothers sense that a leak or poop is in the near future, they hold the babies away from them and over a trashcan (or the gutter or the curb — you get the picture). For these women, this is a way of life — they are surviving babyhood, just like us, but in a different manner, as culture and resources allow. And as we know, China isn’t exactly the cleanest of countries. Despite this, one proponent of infant potty training insists that the method is crisp and clean.

Laurie Boucke, author of several books on infant potty training, explains, “It’s not as if your baby is running around peeing and pooping everywhere. The method is very hygienic.”

To which I say, “Yeah.. whatever.” I know the certain havok that would be wrought upon my household should we employ this method, all its smells and stains. No thank you. We’ll keep the diapers!


3 thoughts on “Sitting on the toilet from birth?

  1. Reading the phrase “leak or poop” on your blog was a hilarious surprise. And, as someone who just cleaned his almost-four-year-old son’s latest “leak or poop” off of the floor this morning, I think I will abstain from endorsing the from-birth method. Can you even imagine following your 9 month old around all day trying to discern his or her, um, intentions regarding, um, waste disposal? No, thanks.

  2. Ha! Now I’m laughing at both “leak or poop” and the image of Mike cleaning it off the floor. Excuse me, I’ve got our own leaks and poops to clean up (the current one is the carseat, ew).

  3. Oh my! I can’t even begin to imagine the mess. You can’t possibly catch all of them in time especially at night…and with Tabitha, the first 2 months she was non-stop “leak or poop”.

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