Pray for us

We leave town this morning for a long haul, and Jones just cut a tooth and caught his first cold. He’s extremely whiny and can hardly breathe, but screams every time we go near his nose. 😦 We’re flying to our destination, so if you remember, please pray that all will go well and that his nose will clear enough for him to suck on his paci, as this will help his ears pop when we start climbing in altitude.

(You can also pray he begins to sleep well while we’re gone — kind of backwards, but we can always ask!)

It might be a while before I update, but I’ll try to post pics and stories from our time while we’re gone. We’ll miss all of you at home..


3 thoughts on “Pray for us

  1. I’ll be praying for all the things you asked on your blog. The picture of you and Jones is adorable. I am sure he does indeed love his mama. God bless the three of you in your travels.

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