Beautiful Colorado

Hello friends. Life is looking up for the O’Donnells — we are in the amazingly beautiful mountains, ending our stay with some good friends the Petermans, getting ready to head to a retreat center, complete with trails and singing birds, for a week and a half. Jones is finishing up hour TWO on his morning nap (!!!), and we seem to be through the worst of his cold. The poor little guy was completely tuckered out from the night before last, probably the worst of his short life — he slept a total of two hours (I think), which means we also slept only two hours. Last night, however, he gave us from 1am to 7am (ahhhhhh..). (We also bought “Little Noses” saline spray, and it’s been a lifesaver for his stuffed-up nose and our waning patience — hearing all that gunk rattling around all the time was getting extremely annoying!)

I love being in the mountains almost as much as I love fall — but fall in the mountains is almost too much. It’s even better when you’re staying in someone’s home, and that home is so welcoming and warm, and the someones are a joy to be around, and they make you coffee in the morning. Not to mention that you aren’t in your own home, so you don’t have all those little jobs calling your name all hours of the day (dishes, projects, laundry, etc). I’ve been enjoying the freedom to just sit and play with Jones, to read, sip, and chat — it’s lovely.

On a side note, something I discovered yesterday: I’ve been asking God for the wrong things. In short, I have felt lately like the lot He has given me has been too much — I’ve felt as if I couldn’t do life as it would please Him, so I’ve been asking Him to change my situation. “Make Jones sleep through the night. Free up our schedule. Give me rest. Let him nap well.” — and so on. So I’m going to start asking for strength to do the job He’s given me instead. (End side note.)

We miss you all and will continue to update! Here’s a pic from Glen Eyrie, the Nav headquarters.

Here we are at our engagement spot with the fruit of our marriage. πŸ™‚

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Colorado

  1. Enjoy those mountains enough for me, too! I hope your time in CO is refreshing and encouraging. Hope Jones is doing much better today as well. Poor little guy. Colds are no fun.

  2. great pic jame! i seriously learned that exact same lesson last week! πŸ™‚ did you talk with beth luebe there in CO? she helped me learn that lesson last week! πŸ™‚

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