I’m going through a phase..

.. one in which I must change my blog layout weekly. (Or is it bi-weekly?) I can’t seem to decide how I want it to look. Perhaps it’s confusing — just call it my current form of creativity.

I’ve made it my goal to have at least one room — being the kitchen — clean before I climb into bed. Sadly, it’s more of a challenge than one might imagine, especially since we only have a human dishwasher and no machine to run things through. It’s been grrrrreat for mornings, though. I don’t start the day feeling overwhelmed — it sets in after about an hour or so. 🙂

In sleeping news, Jones has been doing ten times better since we arrived at home. (For those unaware, he was waking up to 5 times each night while in Colorado — the altitude, perhaps?) Our first night home, he slept from 8pm to 9am, waking twice to eat. Now if I could just cut out the “eating” part. I don’t know exactly when I started feeding him in the middle-of-the-night again (he had stopped completely since he was two months old), but for whatever reason, I started looking at his chubby cheeks and thinking, “He must be hungry — he probably wants to eat at 3 am.” Dumb — just plain dumb. Now I can’t tell if he really needs the boob or if he’s just used to it.

I think I’ll stop reporting and go to bed.


4 thoughts on “I’m going through a phase..

  1. Tabitha woke up a gazillion times a night when we were traveling too. Just not used to the new environment. It’s amazing how quickly they adjust back though.

    And the midnight eatings…you’re not alone. If you’re dumb, me too. Tabitha is doing the SAME thing!! UGH! Since she was three months old she was going to bed around 7pm and then waking around 4 or 5am to eat, consistently. Then slowly the eating time starting creeping earlier and earlier,and then jumped to 2am. And she was genuinely hungry. I let her cry for about 30 minutes one night and when I finally got her up she plunged for the boob and munched down like she hadn’t eaten in weeks. Growth spurt? Maybe, but that should be done with. I think now she is taking food intake away from the daytime (she eats at night so she doesn’t eat as much during the day therefore waking to eat at night…viscious cycle).

    The weaning process begins tonight! Last night was not good. I think she is starting to want to suckle, eat, cuddle now everytime she wakes up. “sleep easy solutions” is a good book and has answered a ton of my questions about her sleeping. turns out she is pretty normal. anyway I am going to try the weaning process that it explains in the book. I will let you know how it goes.

  2. Cute pics! Thanks for the message — its nice to know that we’re not alone in our struggles as mamas. 😛 I told Bryan that I just can’t go and try to comfort him in the middle-of-the-night or he wants to eat, so last night, Bryan went in about midnight (after 20 minutes of Jones screaming in my arms), and it took him a bit, but he got him calmed down and he fell asleep and didn’t wake till 7am (!!!) — it was our first full-night’s sleep in a month! I feel like a new woman.. We’re going camping tonite, though, and sharing a sleeping bag with Jones, so I bet he’ll wanna eat, and I bet I’ll not care because I’ll be tired and out in the middle of the woods. 😛

    As for the 45 minute naps — they ended around 6 mos! 🙂 He just suddenly decided to start sleeping longer.. Now he takes two naps (along with sometimes waking to eat around 6am and going back to bed till 8:30 or 9). So I think that it must be something all babies go through. I didn’t change anything with his naps, it just seemed like he got older and things changed. 😛 Go figure.

    Someday they’ll be old enough to talk and everything will be a bit easier!!

  3. Why don’t these kids come with sets of instructions? Really now!

    I’m glad to hear Jones is sleeping again. When they revert back to not-sleeping-the-night-through it hits ya hard, doesn’t it?

  4. Yay! Good job Jones! Day one of weaning went well last night. It consists of dream feeding them an hour before they typically wake to eat and slowly cutting back on the amount of time eating each night. So if/when they wake up if out of habit, you know they are not hungry and let them get back to sleep. She didn’t even wake up! She woke up a little early (615ish…usually sleeps to 7am)this morning, hungry, but slept really well all night.

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