If you’re going to take a 7-month-old camping..

We took a short trip with friends to Indian Cave State Park last Thursday. The place is appropriately sub-titled “Nebraska’s Best Kept Secret”: it was beautiful and so-very-not typical Nebraska outdoors. We found a sweet spot, pitched a few tents, and started roasting marshmallows. (Yes, it was cold.) Jones seemed indifferent to all parts of the trip, minus the leaves and the sleeping situation, to which he had opposing reactions. I learned some important lessons regarding camping and babies.

1. If you’re going to take them camping, babies need to be appropriately dressed for the occasion, wearing such gear as to make them look like Al on “Home Improvement.”

2. Babies like eating leaves, and if you don’t want them to eat leaves, don’t take them camping in October, because there ain’t much else for them to do but eat leaves and get cold.

3. Babies need something to keep their hands warm while hiking (leaving the “sock gloves” as the only option for unprepared parents).

4. A rough night’s sleep, due to everyone being in the same sleeping bag (“The Sasquatch”), makes for very unhappy babies and moderately unhappy parents — it promptly squelches all fun that was had the night before with the leaves, and the world and the leaves lose all their luster in 7-month-old eyes. (Caption: “These idiots think I’m having fun.”)

“Stoic Family”

5. Lack-luster babies will be equally unimpressed by beautiful sights and sounds on a hike, perhaps because their mothers are concerned about their body temperature.

6. Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean babies don’t need naps, and they’ll find ways to get what they need, when they need it (dads, too).

7. In the end, a good nap can act as a cure-all for camping fussiness, making the world a brighter place for babies.

“That wasn’t so bad..”

One thought on “If you’re going to take a 7-month-old camping..

  1. This was so funny! Thanks for sharing, I googled “camping with 7 mos old” and your family’s blog came up… I have a feeling we’ll be experiencing the same in just a few days.

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