Mark Driscoll on Joel Osteen

I watched this video on a friend’s blog and found it to be particularly enlightening on Joel Osteen and why the health/wealth gospel is not really good news. Subsequently, Bryan and I watched a 60 Minutes interview with Osteen, which was likewise enlightening. It hit me that this man is genuine in his belief that he is doing what is right. The problem is that what he is doing isn’t preaching. No one tunes into Oprah or Dr. Phil and claims to be attending or tuning into church. Mr. Osteen wouldn’t come under the scrutiny that he does if he didn’t market himself as a preacher of a church, which he isn’t by his own volition. He says himself that he isn’t gifted in explaining Scripture. In my understanding, that’s the main job of a preacher. The disgusting part of this is that thousands of people are duped into feeling like they’ve died and gone to heaven, finally its all of Oprah WITH praise music. (fyi: this blog was hijacked by my husband)

5 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll on Joel Osteen

  1. the interesting thing is that if this guy called himself an inspirational speaker, and gave free messages each sunday instead of “church” we would all probably praise him for being an inspirational speaker that points to God.

    notice he hardly quotes scripture, or has any religious icons or much of anything linking him to anything.

    then again, his message is pretty deceiving.

  2. Valid point, Jared. I like what the interviewer said in 60 Minutes — he’s comparable to Dr. Phil or Oprah. He’s NOT a pastor. He even said his spiritual gifting is not in the interpretation of Scripture! 😛

  3. Hi Jamie — this is Meg Robison from Grace Chapel. Found your site through Rebecca Tredway’s blog. Anyway, I wanted to comment that my husband and I lived in Houston and are on board with your thoughts re: Osteen. It was disturbing to drive by the massive basketball arena that is the Osteen’s church. And hear on the news about his wife getting kicked off of a flight before takeoff for getting into a physical altercation with a stewardess…yikes!

    I think from the outside it would be hard for many to call Osteen a false teacher, but when you realize that his central message is about fitting God into your world so you can be rich and prosper, rather than walking in God’s world on God’s terms, the truth is revealed.

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