This is why it’s my favorite drink

Thoughts on coffee from this site. Yum.

Thanks for sending me the email. I really love to hear that people are diggin’ the coffee. That means a lot to me. Like you and Linford, I put a lot of care into my art and craft.

Like so many things, coffee is a gift from God. I find it amazing that God gave us the ability to enjoy it. There are over 400 chemical compounds that contribute to coffee’s flavor. Not one of those serve as the primary component. The flavor is further complicated by the intricate means that our bodies respond to taste. There are hundreds of olfactory cells and taste buds that transmit messages to hundreds of nerve fibers in the brain. There is a lot of complicated chemistry that is taking place that scientists scarcely understand. Our bodies have to have water and food to be sustained, but we don’t have to enjoy or take pleasure in what’s coming in. That is a gift. The more I learn about the chemistry of coffee and taste, the more I’m amazed at the grace that surrounds us. As a roaster I feel that I have a responsibility to give people coffee the way that it was created. Fresh, of course, is part of that, but also roasted with care and attention. When people enjoy that, it touches the soul. That’s the real deal. In our overly commercialized society, things that touch the soul are in short supply. I’m glad that I can offer that alongside your artistry.

Thanks again Karin,


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