He likes them apples

When we started this whole solid food thing, I envisioned something different than what’s actually happening. For some reason, I thought my boy would eat more than just applesauce (not including other foods hidden in applesauce). I remember turning up my nose at magazine columns that talked about how to get your children to eat the foods they don’t like — “My child won’t have food issues.” Lofty thoughts — I’m eating (ahem) my words.

I go back and forth between feeling like it’s okay for him to have applesauce for every meal (he’ll even eat peas if they’re mixed in with applesauce — go figure) and wondering if I’m aiding him in becoming a picky eater. I was a picky eater, and I know my mom was frustrated — and I know I will be, too. What happens when we get to Japan, and there is no applesauce? Will he simply refuse to eat? Will he cry, grimace, and gag at every meal? What if the only thing he ever ends up liking is fruit?

Let me know you’re out there, moms. I need to hear the picky-eater stories to calm my worries.

5 thoughts on “He likes them apples

  1. Livia always liked Gerber foods better than homemade ones. Then she ate so much that she turned yellowish (‘cuz Gerber puts carrots in just about everything). And then I started reading labels. Geesh!

    My brothers and I were picky eaters and were generally terrible to my mother in this regard. My mom, by the way, prepared very nutritious foods for us. We were the only kids in the whole entire world who didn’t like spaghetti–yes, we were that evil and that picky. Long story short, today I love fruits and most vegetables; I adore all things pasta and will eat almost anything placed in front of me. Somehow we all grew up into adults who love good food. Go figure. You’re doing fine, Jamie. Jones will eat when he’s hungry. : )

  2. If by picky you mean wanting to nurse instead of eating yummy new foods for the past two days, then I have a picky one.

    So far she has liked all that she has tried and WAS eating up what I gave her, but for some reason the last two days, she just wants to drink. Silly.

  3. Remind me to tell you about my cousin. His child (who has now grown to 3.5 years old) will not eat ANY solid food. Zero. They have to blend EVERYTHING.

    This is a major problem.

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