Oh, pumpkin spice

This is from a friend’s facebook profile. I thought it absolutely hilarious and too fun to not post on the good ole’ blog. Thanks, Jo.

If only I could break up with you, Starbucks. All I wanted from you was the Pumpkin Spice Latte featured in the fall season. You came to America but you dissed me in Japan. I waited for you to come, oh sweet PSL but Starbucks, you lied to me. You played me for the fool and I believed you. I believed you would bring my sweet Pumpkin Spice Latte to Japan, so I enjoyed you shyly in America. But you never came… I was so sad to walk in today and see you dressed up in your gawdy Christmas gear. It made me sad to see you dressed so tartly in your mint chocolate mocha. I could wait another year but why do it? If only, you weren’t the only place to get a decent cup of coffee (darn you Dotour for being gross). It’s not you, it’s me… okay, who’s kidding. It is YOU. I just feel like if we were to take “a break” we could grow more as individuals. So from now on I’ll only drink your tall black coffees. You hurt me and I fear my heart may get broken again with your specialty drinks. Blast!

3 thoughts on “Oh, pumpkin spice

  1. niiice Jamie. 😀 I should be encouraging you as you are about to move to Japan and instead I tell you about my break-up with Starbucks… oops! Are you a black coffee or different kind of drink?

  2. black coffee and vanilla lattes. though I do enjoy the occasional seasonal drink (pumpkin spice lattes and mint mochas — the BEST are irish mochas at the coffee house here in town..)

  3. i just went to Starbucks today, and praise Jesus, I can still get my delicious chai tea!!! it makes any bad day so much better!!! i’m sorry to hear about jo’s pumpkin spice, but recently i have taken much joy in my Starbucks chai. I even learned how to completely (correctly) order it this morning in my Japanese lesson. I was excited to try out my new skills at Starbucks this afternoon, only to have the woman behind the counter start speaking fluent English to me -arg! I pressed on though and made my Japanese attempt anyhow. The reward: heaven (in the form of a hot chai in a big mug)! O how i miss you and can’t wait till you’re here!

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