Things I do when its Christmastime

1. Listen to the Christmas music station in the car — 101.9. (Yes, I like it — but I had my share of “Christmas Shoes” last year.  They played that WAAAAY too much).

2. Browse and window-shop.  I will bundle up me wee one and drive across town for no particular purpose other than to “look.”  And dream.  And wish I could buy everyone what they wanted.

3. Buy frou-frou drinks at coffee shops — the mint mochas, the almond lattes, the hot chocolates.  Black coffee serves me well during the rest of the year, but tis’ the season for sugary treats.

4. Play Amy Grant’s “Tender Tennessee Christmas” so much my husband hates me.  Or threatens to throw it out the window. (Yes, I also like this!  It’s associated with childhood memories.)

5. Light candles in my house in the afternoon, especially if they have “cinnamon” in the title.

6. Plan parties with friends and get hostess-happy — I usually don’t care much about place-settings and tablecloths.  Just go in the kitchen and get your own!  But for Christmas, I bring out all the glitz and glamour.  It’s too fun!

7. Bake, bake, BAKE.  I don’t gravitate toward special Christmas things, I just tend to be around the oven more in this season — homemade granola bars, bran muffins, bread, chocolate chip cookies.  Mmmm.

8.  Watch movies.  Bryan is a movie fanatic.  I, on the other hand, enjoy a good flick but can’t watch too much or I feel to non-productive (it’s the Meyers-Briggs “J” in me — what would I do without that test?).  But during Christmastime, I just pop one in even in the middle of the afternoon, just for kicks.  It’s as if I feel I’m “on break,” even though mommies don’t get one like college students do.

9. Lose my ability to keep secrets.  I seriously beg Bryan to let me tell him what I’m getting him for Christmas.  I’m too excited, I can’t hold it in — I just want to know what he thinks.

10. Wear PJ’s — much more than I should normally.

Christmas just has a feel about it that no other holiday holds, doesn’t it?  I think perhaps its my personality (being an “N” with Meyers-Briggs), but the exact same day — same weather, same activities, same dress — feels totally different to me if it’s close to Christmas.

2 thoughts on “Things I do when its Christmastime

  1. #8-we mommies have to do whatever it takes to feel like we’re taking some kind of a break every now and then. yesterday I had a bad headache and told Jeff I was calling in sick…if only!

    good post…I seem to love this time of year more and more.

  2. Hey Jamie. I laughed SO hard at your “Tender Tennessee Christmas” confession…. I had NO idea anyone besides MYSELF loved that song? It’s my favorite. I have SO many childhood memories of that album and that song as well. Isn’t that strange. 😀 I can’t believe there is another person out there that likes that song. Hooray!!!

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