No-picture Day

If I could describe today with a picture, it would be Jones throwing a humongous screaming tantrum.  Sadly, I didn’t have my camera with me today when he did this in the mall, nor did I desire to take pictures whilst trying to rock the screaming dude at 9:45, about an hour and a half past his bedtime.  😦  It had been a long day for shopping for the little guy, and when all was over, he performed for the family at our house and had everyone in stitches with his half-crying, half-laughing routine.   Then bedtime came, and no one was laughing anymore — least of all, mom.  (*Ahem* — ME.)  I couldn’t tell if he was in pain or just frustrated, but for whatever reason, he took a REALLY long time to settle into sleep, when it’s usually a five-minute process.  It was sad. 😦  This has happened a few times when we’ve had a group of people over.  He evidently doesn’t want to leave the new faces.

At any rate, he’s sleeping peacefully now, though lots of crying and screaming were needed to achieve it today.  I don’t like that.

One thought on “No-picture Day

  1. Wow, you are NOT alone with the tantrums! Caleb started with those about a month ago. He had his first “public” tantrum in Hy-Vee about a week ago. Ack!
    I’ve gone all-day shopping with Caleb too and it seems to be really hard on him. Finding the time and the place for a nap during all the craziness is really difficult, then it snowballs into some sort of crazy baby moodiness.

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