Under the weather

Remember the last picture? The one where I said Jones had a slight fever? Well, that fever ran for two days, after which the green snot started to appear, and both kept waking him up in the middle of the night for a few days. Throw that in with a) rising early in the morning to bake something for Mom-to-Mom, b) being out of the house for several afternoons, keeping up appointments and helping out friends, c) having evening Christmas engagements three nights in a row, d) going to bed late because I’m reading the last Harry Potter book, e) still kissing my sick son because he’s cute and needs more kisses when he’s not feeing well — I also caught the bug. And my immune system was down, people — WAY down. I’d been running around too much and yesterday, my body screamed at me for rest, and I happily complied. Jones has since begun sleeping through the night again, and then some — today, he slept till 10am! And he’s on hour three of a nap right now.. He’s a pooped out little guy.

That’s my long excuse for not posting up the December Photo Project the last few (five?) days. We’re starting over.

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