A little too much to my liking has happened between that post and today.

Last Monday: Jones starts throwing up. Dad gets the cold everyone just got over.
Tuesday: Jones continues throwing up.
Tuesday night: Mom starts throwing up.. and does so for the entire night.
Wednesday morning: Mom feels nasty and Jones is acting weird, so a call to the Doc is made and the family packs up for an emergency room visit at 8am.
Wednesday: Jones is dehydrated and must spend the night in the hospital.
Wednesday night: Dad starts getting what everyone else had, but — praise God — never throws up. Dad stays at home while Mom and baby are at the hospital.
Thursday: Jones is 100x better and starts crawling while in the hospital — Mom and Dad are only so so. The family heads home and begins cleaning the house and doing laundry, while baby decides to nap only 30 minutes the entire day.
Friday: Jones is fine. Mom is feeling icky again. She takes a 3-hour nap in the afternoon while Dad plays with Jones. It helps a ton.
Saturday: The family finishes last-minute Christmas shopping.
Sunday: The family heads to Western Nebraska for Christmas.
Monday: Christmas Eve festivities.
Tuesday: Christmas Day festivities.
Wednesday: The family heads home to Lincoln and has car issues right when pulling into town.
Thursday: Dad takes the car in only to find out the answer is a *NEW ENGINE*. Mom gets a fever — again.
Friday: Mom is better and the family makes arrangements to borrow a car so they can still go on their next trip
Saturday: The family will leave for Arkansas to spend New Year’s with friends.

Whew!! And that’s where will be till Wednesday. I am so stoked about this trip and the people we will be seeing — I only wish it wasn’t piggybacking three family illnesses and Christmas.

And I wish I could post pictures. Jones was super cute in his hospital gown, all things considered. Our computer isn’t reading our card, though.

Here’s to a happy New Year, friends!

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