3 thoughts on ““Lucky”

  1. Jamie,
    Thank you for your encouragement. You have no idea of how seeing a new generation of young mothers stay at home encourages me. May our Lord bless your commitment to your family and prosper all of you in Him. Love, Carol

  2. Jamie, Hey girl. I’ve been thinking of you and praying for you and Bryan. My heart is with you and your family as you continue on. Girl, you will be here soon. 😀 I’ve been thinking so much about James 1 and the thought of how “timely” endurance and perseverence is. God gives us trials at a precise time and for an amount of time that is perfect to His will. I’m encouraged by your heart as you persevere through funding.

    I also went and read this entry about motherhood. Lord willing, I have children one day I am so inspired by this woman and yourself to pass on the Gospel to my own. To invest not just raise…

    My prayers are for you… hope you are keeping warm in the midwest. 😀 Your friend, Jo

  3. I liked this. It helps keep my priorities straight. Thanks.
    It was good to see you again at mom-to-mom. I had another mom spy on Caleb and she said him and Jones were playing together and smiling. 🙂
    Also, I’m praying for you guys and your funding issues.
    And I wanted to mention to you about some friends of mine who are missioning in Spain. They have a baby about 15 months old. Their website is http://www.spaindad.blogspot.com/
    Thought you might be interested.

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