That’s right — my little dude has now become a toddler! [do I put a smiley or sad face here?]  It’s so strange and cute to see him waddling around, arms up by his face, smiling at himself or clapping as we exclaim, “Yay Jones!”  It really does make me want another one so I can start all over again and watch all these amazing milestones.  One day, he had never thought of taking a step, and two weeks later, he’s walking all around the boxes and clutter of our mid-packing house.

I took a picture of the clutter, by the way, to give glimpse into our current, crazy life, but our computer is STILL not reading our memory card, and we can’t find the cord for the camera.  We’re calling to have a friend come look at it today — the blog is so sad and boring without pictures of my baby.. err, toddler.  [that deserves a sad face!] 😦

I’m off to brew some coffee and enjoy a quiet moment.  This is my constant deliberation for Jones’s naps these days:  do I sit and rest/read/watch something, or do I continue to fold clothes/pack books/file papers/label boxes?  It’s nice that after Jan. 29th, our shipment will be ON IT’S WAY, so we won’t have any boxes calling our names anymore.

P.S. — Sorry for the severe lack of posting lately.  As you can imagine, we’ve been quite busy. 🙂

One thought on “WALKING!

  1. Oh, I hope to see Jones walking before you leave! What a joy it is to see them running around with such big smiles as they realize all they can do! We are so blessed, aren’t we?! I hope that the next time Jones takes a nap you can put your feet up and relax — sleep, read, watch TV, whatever your heart desires!

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