6 thoughts on “My life

  1. they are not making the trip. they were filed under “keepsakes” because they don’t fit anymore, otherwise they might make nice costumes. actually, thinking about it, I don’t know think they have cheerleaders in Japan, so I would just look silly.. or sillier than you would normally in a cheerleading outfit. I just can’t get myself to give them away — I paid a pretty penny for those!

  2. Hi Jamie — I’m a friend of Rebecca Tredway’s and I stop by your blog from time to time. I go to Grace Chapel — We know lots of the same people! Anyway, I’m just curious how you guys are sending your stuff over to Japan. There is a possibility that my husband and I may be moving to England and it has been recommended to me that we bring furniture and the like since it is hard to find the quality for the price that we are used to in the US. I know NOTHING about sending stuff overseas!! I assume it is expensive. So glad that God is meeting your financial needs and calling you to continue His good work in Japan.

    If you choose to write back, my email is megweb@yahoo.com, or you can reach me on my blog http://www.womeninhisimage.wordpress.com.

    Take care!

    Meg Robison

  3. hi jamie,

    nice to meet you! em’s mentioned you often and shows pictures of your little jones like he was her own kiddo. 🙂 she really loves you and your family. she told me about you moving to japan. it looks like you made it – how are things going getting adjusted?

    you gotta love the internet for bringing people together, right? that’s so random about you meeting michelle and ernie! what a small world. i look forward to keeping up with your blog and reading about your new life in japan. ben’s shouting his head off, so i’d love to write more but better get going…
    take care,

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