Sometimes I wish it were true.

It’d be nice if Jones and I could share coffee.

REMINDER:  If you’re looking for Japan updates, head on over to The Seed.  I’m having some blog-loyalty issues lately and have decided to post all things Japan at The Seed to avoid confusion in my own life. (“Where should this picture go?!”  “This story could be on both blogs!! I can’t decide!” etc.)  I’m thinking it might mean more upkeep, so I’m not certain about the future of my blogging life.  Thoughts, readers?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I wish it were true.

  1. Well, as a loyal reader of your blogs, I am selfishly hoping you’ll continue both blogs. 🙂 I love reading what you have to say — it is usually something that strikes a cord with me, too. 🙂 I thought of you Saturday, actually, and wondered how you would write with such creativity on this topic:
    Pat, Grady and I were walking outside on Friday (it was a beautiful day!) and Grady noticed his shadow for the first time. I wish I had a camera to capture the moment because it was one that I will never get back. His fascination with his shadow was one of curiosity and fun. He started waving his arms and roaring at the shadow that, unfortunately, came to an end when we reached our car. What a joy it was for the minute we walked to our car. 🙂
    Oh and just as a sidenote (i really should email you separately, but i need to hurry…)
    when Grady wakes up in the morning now, aside from saying ‘eat’ right away, he says boogie (googie) over and over until we turn on his CD and he shakes his little bootie in the cirb. So cute!

    love ya Jamie

    (I understand if you are not able to blog as much though.) 🙂

  2. Jamie O’Donnell! I seriously almost spit out my green tea when I saw your “bond with your baby” sign. 🙂 Ha ha ha!! I think I might steal it I laughed SO hard.

    I am so thankful for the time we got to share this past week… I think I started to lose it with all the meetings and forgot to say “goodbye” but I’m sure you didn’t even notice. I think it’s safe to say that Jones was a huge hit and your arrival in Japan is an even bigger “hit”.

    I am hoping to make it to Shizuoka before my time ends… if so, can we get coffee? I’d love that.

    Thanks for sharing a little bit of your life with me.

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