New (to me )Music

My birthday was about a month ago (February 13), but was a little overshadowed by goodbye parties and a long flight overseas, so it was completely out of my thought sphere.  Today, however, I spent the morning perusing some music and bought the following on itunes with some of my birthday money.

  • Jack Johnson — Sleep through the Static
  • Leigh Nash — Blue on Blue
  • KT Tunstall — Eye to the Telescope
  • Dido —  Life for Rent

Not all new — the Dido album, I’ve been wanting for a while but just never bought (a few years kind of while).  At any rate, I’m excited for some new cooking, around-the-house tunes.  I think they’ll go well with spring.

Jones has been running around the house with a purpose today, like he’s on a mission, serious frown on his face.  He’s thoroughly enjoying all the space, but not so much the lack of toys.  Since we’ve arrived in Japan, and especially in our new home, he’s started coming to my legs, looking up (and whining, sad to admit), and when I pick him up, he puts his head on my shoulder and gives me a hug, patting my back and everything. 🙂 Sweet moments like that don’t come along very often.

He also really likes to get ahold of the house phone, pushing all sorts of buttons while we’re unaware, and even changed the ring tone twice.  😛  He likes electronics — in the airports, he stares at everyone’s phones, so on this trip, we started calling him our little phone technician. 🙂

Today, we’re going to take a walk to a nearby park then to Mochizuki, the neighborhood grocery store, for some salmon for dinner.  I’m going to attempt to make a salmon/spinach/butter/lemon salad, with limited kitchen resources.  I don’t even know if they’ll have lemon at the store, and I have no idea how to say “lemon” in Japanese.  The spinach is from a neighbor — during a Sunday walk, Bryan and I ran into a little cupboard outside a house with a few spinach packs and three oranges, each for sale for 100 yen (about $1.00) and all grown in the garden next to the house.  Bryan told me that there are quite a few places like that in every neighborhood, each with different goods — just gotta go find it!! 🙂  But it’s amazing spinach, a pack for only $1!

Soon, on a clear day, I hope to take pictures of the different views from our house.

2 thoughts on “New (to me )Music

  1. Liv and I have been digging Jack Johnson’s soundtrack for the Curious George movie. Someone somewhere in the blogosphere recommended it and I found it at the library. I really wanted that KT Tunstall album, too! Enjoy the birthday tunes!

  2. Jamie, I really don’t have an important comment. Just wanted to let you know that we are reading “High Countries”. I always liked it when I knew that people read my blog…the one time I posted.

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