Yesterday was a rough day, if you can’t tell by the previous post.  Today is much better.  I have bread, I have coffee, I have rain, and I have a nap-time all alone in the house.  Mmmm..

The start was a little shaky, however, with Jones, et al, taking a trip to the doctor due to a high fever (which turned out to be nothing — common cold — fluids and sleep).  We take quite the entourage with us when we go to the doctor:  mom, dad, neighbor Brian (translator), and neighbor Bryan’s daughter Sarah (youngest and not in elementary).  We are all rather large compared to the Japanese mothers, their children, and the petite nurses running around with charts, given that Bryan (mine) is 5’11” and Brian (neighbor) is over 6′.  (Can you imagine the confusion for our neighbors and delivery people?  Two foreigners, living next door to each other, each named “Bri/yan”?)

After the shakiness, we stopped at Essen Brot, a German-esque bakery in our neighborhood.  I love bread, and its become much more of a comfort food since leaving the States.  I grabbed some pastries for lunch, including the famous-to-me hot dog baked into a croissant with all sorts of toppings and a mean almond cream tart thing, which I’m enjoying right now with a cup of joe left-over from this morning (kept hot and yummy by this amazing little contraption).

As I mentioned, it’s raining — we live minutes from the ocean, so in my Nebraskan opinion, it rains A LOT here.  And it’s not rainy season yet.  Consequently, I ordered some cute rain boots to help deal with the wetness in later days..  And since it’s raining, the delivery people wrapped up a package for Jones in plastic.


Only in Japan do they have such service.  🙂  A great thing about living here, I must say.  The package is for Jones’s birthday, which is next Thursday — I’ve been mourning for weeks already about my baby turning one, bursting into tears at random thoughts or pictures.  I did it again today, watching the trailer for The Business of Being Born, remembering what it was like to give birth to Jones, how I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world — I want to see this film badly.  Just the trailer reminded me why I was committed to attempting a natural birth.

This post is all over the place.  Please enjoy the bits of my life today.


3 thoughts on “Today

  1. Hi! I came across your journal and I liked reading it. Maybe it struck me because you moved to Japan, an Asian country and I just moved here in US from the Philippines. I haven’t been to Japan and I would really want to go there! Its on my list things to do before turning 25! And you being there, by just reading one entry makes it more interesting for me 🙂 And yes, target boots are nice!

  2. Have I told you today that I love you and I’m SOOOOOOOO glad you are here? We can miss home together at least. And thanks for the haircut, it looks great!

  3. You gave Mandy a haircut? That’s swell. Say hello to her for me, please! It was good to read your thoughts of the day. You make me smile, a lot. I actually just posted on my blog for the first time in about 2 years. Te-he. It felt good. I might have to try it more often. Well, I hope to talk to you tomorrow evening (or rather, Monday morning for you). Let me know if that doesn’t work. LOVE YOU!

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