• Bryan is out-of-town, I’ve been putting movies in all day so I don’t feel alone in the house.  However, when he’s in-town, he’s not at the house during the day, but somehow I feel less alone then.  It’s nighttime now, and I’m almost ready to go to bed, and I always long to have Jones with me when I sleep if B isn’t there.
  • Jones turns one on Thursday.  I’m an emotional party-planning wreck.  I hate planning parties because I’m not good at it — I’m more of a “drop by whenever” kind of gal.  And the movies I mentioned?  I cried at all of them, no matter whether they were sappy or not.  I am emotional.  Perhaps its the weaning, as well.
  • I said weaning in the last sentence, even though Jones has upped his desire for breastfeeding in the last day or two.  Is it the absent father?  Or sleeping in his crib again after a two-month hiatus while it was being shipped?  Or my being emotional about his turning one and misreading cues?  Though it’s hard to misread nursing cues from a one-year-old — the whole pulling-up-your-shirt thing kind of gives it away.
  • I have a brand new Red Couch, and I am so excited about it that I will type it’s name in capital letters, and when I type it in the future, everyone will know.  Red Couch.
  • Jones and I will go on an exploratory drive of Shizuoka in our new car tomorrow,  a Suzuki Wagon-R.  It’s a “K” car, which means the engine is smaller, more fuel-efficient, and better for the environment.  We get a tax break for it. 🙂  (This is not a pic of our car, but this is exactly what our car looks like.. its silver and very small!)
  • I sort of feel like all of my posts need to begin with some sort of “I live in Japan” disclaimer for the reader who enters High Countries unaware of the goings-on of the O’Donnell family and stumbles across something weird and Japanese in the writings.  I don’t think I’ll follow this feeling, however.
  • I plan on rising early tomorrow and journaling with coffee before Jones gets up.  It’s not often that I have the house to myself in the mornings, as Bryan usually gets up before or about the same time as me.  Perhaps this means I should head to bed!

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