Sundries & birthday news

  • I baked some spectacular bread today, definitely the best I’ve ever made. And I have little idea as to what was different about today’s dough than days past.
  • It is well past noon, and though I have managed to switch my pajama pants for real ones and had the astuteness to put in well-matched earrings, I am still wearing my pajama shirt.
  • Sadly, I have in my cup some very bad coffee. There is some good coffee in the freezer, but it is decaf and not what I need at the moment. Good caffeinated coffee is on its way from Nebraska, thanks to some coffee-keen friends who know that The Roaster has cornered the market.
  • Our living room floor is covered with toys. I have decided to pick them up only once a day, twice at the most — does this seem wise to you other moms? It drives me batty to have them out, but I also don’t want to spend all my time picking them up.
  • I’ve just decided to make some of the good decaf, regardless of its decaf nature. The taste sounds yummy. (?)
  • We had a lot of leftover cake from Jones’s first birthday party, and guess who’s been eating it all, one bite at a time?
  • Jones has dropped a nap and is now sleeping for a nice, long while after lunch — about 1p to 3:30 or 4. It’s lovely, much better than two shorter naps. However, I have to kind of ‘get it together’ in the mornings now: if we need to run errands or go anywhere, it has to happen before lunch, which I’m not accustomed to. (See above: my pajama shirt.)
  • I made a friend! Or rather, God has given me one. Her name is Hiroko and she has a four-year-old son and a 6-month-old daughter. I can’t describe the blessing it was that she started talking with me — she knows very little English and, as we all know, I hardly know Japanese, so our conversation was limited. We’ve devoted ourselves to learning the languages so we can chat with each other, and in the mean time, we keitai email (like text messaging) to help each other with phrases and words. “For the LORD is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor. No good thing does he withhold from those who walk uprightly.” Pss 84:11
  • We’ve consumed a whole package of double-stuffed Oreos in less than one week.
  • Recently (the past few days), I’ve really been craving some sort of study that would guide me daily in the Bible. I have experienced great fruit from doing inductive Bible studies as part of a group, going through a particular book of the Bible with direction only from commentaries or lexicons. But I think, in this season, I would benefit from having a path laid out for me and just following along.. it sounds refreshing and thought-provoking — does anyone have any suggestions?
  • I shrunk a pair of pants yesterday. It was the pair that I bought just before we moved to Japan, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find any that were big or long enough for me here, which made shrinking them that much worse. 😦
  • I think “Return to Me” and “Music & Lyrics” would be on my Top 10 movies list, if I had one and could remember the other eight movies.
  • My baby has turned one. I didn’t know first birthdays were so bittersweet.

Jones’s first birthday news:
So the little dude has turned one. I cried off and on for a few weeks leading up to the day, and when it finally arrived, I had apparently hashed it all out, for I did not shed a tear. Jones, however, shed many. For some reason, he picked his birthday to be extremely sour and woeful. We wanted to videotape getting him up in the morning, but as soon as we opened the door, he started crying. 😦 (Yes, we have it on tape!) I made a special breakfast (which he threw most of on the floor) and then we opened his presents (which he completely ignored the rest of the day). We gave him his first set of cars, which included only one actual car — the rest were airplanes or helicopters on wheels. Go figure. We had a party for him the next evening, inviting friends from Navs and Joy Fellowship, our church to come enjoy cake, coffee, and strawberries. Wouldn’t you know, I spent the whole day baking that cake and he went for the strawberries first!! (And for those who aren’t aware, baking a cake is a heck of a lot harder than one might think it to be — we had major problems with the layers sticking to the pan, so the bottom layer is actually torn in half.) Some Jones updates:

  • Jones has 12 teeth — top 4, bottom 4, and all his molars.
  • He’s running around like a mad-man now and starting to climb on things.
  • He’s saying “ball” and “here go” (“hee-doh!”, along with “dada” and, simply, “mom” (no “mama”!). It’s strange to us how much he understands now! We can say, “Jones, will you bring me the ball?” And he’ll go pick up a ball and bring it to us — quite suddenly, we’ve been able to communicate with one another.
  • He will actually sit on my lap and be quite still for over 15 minutes, either to read a book or watch a bit of a movie. This was also a sudden change, as if he simply decided one day to indulge in some relax-time.
  • He has the best giggle. He likes to be thrown around by dad (my little daredevil! not looking forward to what this means in the future..) and to be chased around corners, laughing the whole time.
  • He is not afraid of strangers. He’ll see a room full of people and walk right in, whether or not mom and dad are close behind. He does this at church, just walking around and looking up at people with his big, brown eyes. “Mom and dad? Who are mom and dad?” Combined with his fast running and daredevil tendencies, this could be an easy recipe for “lost toddler” during our outings. Good thing I brought along a handy monkey-backpack-with-long-leash-tail to keep him in reign.

And for the curious ones, I haven’t come down with baby fever quite yet, though Jones’s clear entrance into toddlerhood does make me long for a little one! I think, however, that I want to learn some Japanese first. 🙂 Now for some pictures.

My first attempt at a homemade birthday cake. We all enjoyed.


He liked the frosting more than anything.. (Wilton’s buttercream — thank you More Butter!)


Mama gettin’ some lovin’.


Jones with his favorite dude on Easter.


6 thoughts on “Sundries & birthday news

  1. Well done on the cake, Jamie!! I want to respond to every post you’ve written but will resist the urge to do so on your blog. I’ll get back to you via email soon.

    I’m glad you’re tending the High Countries garden. It makes for very enjoyable reading. : )

  2. Glad to see you are blogging more. Jeff and I both enjoy your posts. This one made me cry a bit because Tabby is nearing the one year mark. I’m so hapy/sad! And I can’t believe Jones has 12 teeth. Wholly moley! Tabs has TWO!

  3. Jones and Grady would be a pretty dangerous two-some these days. Little daredevils. 🙂 Good thing they are so cute! 🙂 Oh, and about the toys….we stick to once-a-day clean-ups, too! Actually, Grady is cleaning up many of his own things which I’m sure Jones will begin to do as well. I hope his excitement about cleaning lasts long into his childhood. 🙂 I can wish, right?

  4. one idea is an intervarsity press bible study called, “This Morning with God, a daily study guide to the entire Bible.” It’s kind of still in print.

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