images: the last few days

Jones on top of the coffee table — he’s learning how to climb, folks, and thinks its fun to “fall” off into dad’s arms! This could lead to trouble if/when dad’s arms aren’t there.


Daisies from my dear, sweet husband, “just because.”


The bookcase Bryan’s been making. The back still needs to be stained, but hasn’t happened since its been raining all day here. He hopes to finish it by Tuesday, when our language study begins.


The beautiful sakura, or cherry blossoms (pic courtesy of Bryan). During this season, people all over Japan go to certain areas for hanami, or flower-watching, which Jones and I will do Wednesday with some other moms.


At a park, under the sakura, with Hara-sans (last name: Hara, honorific: “san”) on Saturday morning. Hiroko is the new friend I wrote about a few days ago — she and her husband Kazu have a son, Takuma (4), and a daughter, Karen (6 mos). Too many fun, family pics to pass up, so here they come.


Bryan with Karen-chan.


Takuma-kun (pronounced “coon”) and Kazu eating takoyaki, fried octopus.


Takuma loves, loves, LOVES Jones.



2 thoughts on “images: the last few days

  1. that is the exact same thing josiah does- jumps off of anything. he usually hits and plants his feet too- but we just made our first emergency room visit with a dislocated elbow- not fun. but once it was back in- he was great!
    it’ll come and i know there will be many more bumps and bruises..

  2. Jones is just so adorable!! I “happened” on your blog from Rebecca’s…studied the providence of God in church today. So glad you are getting settled from furniture to friends. Miss the feeling of knowing you were on the corner of 9th & E, but know you are affecting lives that need to know Jesus. Miss you with love, Claudia

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