As promised: Sakura



..and Jones eating lunch in his stroller.


We plan to do some more hanami (flower-watching) this weekend as a family — its unbelievable how beautiful these blossoms are!  They magically transform the flat, ugly, grassless ground they’re rooted into.


3 thoughts on “As promised: Sakura

  1. Beautiful!!

    Btw, how’s weaning? Did Jones take a bottle? Tabs doesn’t and I don’t know many babes who don’t so I don’t really know how to go about weaning. She drinks from a sippy but has not ever taken a full meal from one. Just wondering if you have started to figure it out and have any tips?

  2. They are so beautiful! I’m jealous. Our trees aren’t blossoming yet. I see tiny little buds forming though, so maybe soon…
    I’m glad you went back to two naps. I was starting to think (and dread) that I should probably get Caleb to one nap soon. I don’t know if he’s ready or not. Some days he takes a wee 20 minute cat nap in the morning. Today, he took three naps that were each over an hour long. *sigh*
    Also, this probably doesn’t help much, but we put Caleb in a time out in his crib for two minutes when he’s naughty. We tell him what he did wrong and say “two minutes in your crib”, turn the light on (so he knows he’s not in his crib to sleep) and keep the door open. It seems to work so far.
    BTW, I can’t believe he’s TALKING!! Way to go Jones!

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