It’s been raining all day, and it finally stopped, so I’m letting Jones play in our extremely muddy, messy yard while I watch from the window. I usually do not have the patience to let him roam free outside, due to the fact that he could get into who-knows-what, eat who-knows-what, and bring who-knows-what back into my house and onto my clothes and furniture. But today, for sanity’s sake, I made an exception. Today is another of what I’ve termed “survival days” — just do whatever you need to make it to bedtime.

Survival days at the O’Donnell house are usually brought on by excessive whining, lack of sleep, bad weather, illness, culture shock, and/or strangely-lengthened hours of the day. They include most of the following:

  • Pajamas or sweat-type clothing for all within the house.
  • LOTS of coffee (not unlike most days).
  • Snacking on bread-type things.
  • Baking bread-type things.
  • Buying bread-type things.
  • Leaving the house or answering the door for emergencies only. (“Bread-type things” often fall into this category.)
  • Internet browsing.
  • YouTube.
  • American Idol on YouTube.
  • Movies in the background.
  • Sitting on the floor.
  • Inability to wash dirty dishes.
  • Unmade bed, unfolded laundry, and toys everywhere.
  • Lack of concern for mud and/or dirt.
  • Loooong bath times.
  • Not very many quiet moments.
  • Over the Rhine, Dido, or select Caedmon’s albums — nothing too pop-ish or bright.
  • Eating rocks (for Jones).
  • Whining (also for Jones.. but mom is known to chime in at desperate moments).
  • An easily-put-together type of supper.
  • Emailing dad and asking for the specific time at which his arrival might be expected.
  • Blogging.

Today earned it’s “survival” label with a 5am random wake-up (by mom), a 5:45 random wake-up (by baby), a cold (for mom), rainy weather, too much Japanese homework, and culture shock. (The last one always sneaks its way in there lately.) (It just started to rain again, causing Jones to slip and fall as climbed around, resulting in a nice, BIG shiner — won’t be the last one of those he’ll ever get, I suppose.)

I’m curious — what do ya’ll do to “survive”?


6 thoughts on “Survival

  1. eat chocolate
    take naps
    drink chai
    watch COPS
    take another nap
    drink more chai
    hang out at “Little America” (the O’donnell house)
    more chai

  2. ha! i like being “little america” to you 🙂

    .. and its still hard for me to believe that “COPS” is on your relaxing list. what a quirk. 🙂

  3. Jamie, we’re having the same day half a world apart! I’m bleary-eyed with a cold and Livia’s imagination is set to High, so I’m a little confused in general. What we’ve done today:

    Woke up too early
    Watched an entire movie, ate breakfast and played by 9:00am
    Liv spent about an hour in the bathtub
    Another movie
    Internet-surfing/email-checking on computer AND phone
    Shopped at a consignment sale with Renae where both of us were overwhelmed
    Ate lots of M&Ms

  4. jamie i am laughing so hard i’m crying- that was awesome- that is me on some days too- i love the soft comfy clothes for everyone- seriously that was US yesterday! i love it- wished we were neighbors! 🙂 oh girl don’t ever think that you are alone on this one- we all have those survival days. seriously! love you

  5. jamie! i had to respond! i am full out belly laughing right now, both because of your wonderful honesty and just imagining you rock eating, sweats wearing people that i am so glad to be in japan with! 😀

    ahh let see, surviving for us usually includes:
    too much 24
    avoiding the kitchen, except for snacks
    very little activity away from the couch
    popcorn for dinner with more 24
    going to bed at an unusually early time

    like jamie k said, you’re not alone friend!
    we love you guys! keep eatin’ those rocks jones!

  6. Haha…
    It is nice to see that everyone has ‘survival days’. I don’t feel so bad! Hmmm….what do we do???
    Going to the store for a box of brownies in the middle of the day seems justifiable to me, now. Thanks!

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