• I’ve temporarily occupied Jones with tupperware, a cup, and a spoon right now so I can write this post.
  • I’m drinking a Toddy latte, from the first Toddy we’ve brewed since our arrival in Japan.  Iced Toddy will make a nice treat in the hot, hot, HOT Shizuoka summer.  Brook over at “So I was thinking…” seems to agree that Toddy goes with summer.  (By the way, Brook, I’m having a hard time fathoming your move to St. Louis this summer!!)
  • I look forward to Wednesdays, our day off, all throughout the week.  I’ve been taking the afternoons and driving to Excelsior, a cafe` about 15 mins away, getting an almond caramel latte, and sipping away as I journal, read, and just rest in Jesus.  It has been SO refreshing that I’ve asked Bryan if I can do it twice a week.  🙂  Last week, I took along one of Jones’s Bibles, the Jesus Storybook Bible, and read most of it — I highly recommend this book, both for children and for adults desiring to see God’s word as one big story, from beginning to end, all about God winning back His people, for His glory.  It was good to get caught up in something and has caused me to begin praying that my heart would begin to see the Bible and this life as a great, adventurous story.
  • Another note about Wednesdays and Excelsior:  the manager of the shop speaks pretty good English, and consequently, whenever I walk in, I throw the rest of the employees into a worried fluster — “Do I get the English-speaking manager?  Do I attempt to let her order in Japanese?  What is polite? Is the manager watching me? Etc, etc, etc.”  They all seem rather reluctant to take my order and sometimes mistake my Japanese words for English, calling over the manager, who then asks me questions in English while I answer in Japanese.  I suppose I could answer in English, but it feels so strange to use it when I know that Japanese is more appropriate.  SO .. I love the place, its lighting and its drinks, but I have to talk myself into going there every week because of this employee-fluster-thing I’ve got goin’ on.
  • Jones is done playing with the spoons and cups and is now eating scraps from the trash.  How lovely.  And yes, I’m going to stop him.
  • Jones is now eating some “Goldfish” from a HUGE 2-pound-box that Bryan bought at Costco in Tokyo for 180yen.  That’s about $1.80, people.  They were going out-of-stock, so he bought six.  Jones will be eating Goldfish till language study is over.
  • I really enjoy hearing from people at home but am surprised my capacity is so low for returning emails, making calls, writing letters, etc.  It seems my energy is targeted at mere survival right now: feeding the family, playing with Jones, meeting with my tutor, and studying.
  • We went to Joy Fellowship (church) today, which is general mayhem for the O’Donnell family.  Jones is the only child under 4, so we take turns each week being his caretaker.  Today was my turn.  Let’s just say that church is why I’m forced to resort to caffeine in the form of Toddy in the late afternoon.
  • Jones is throwing Goldfish in the floor and almost pulled the 2-lb box off the table.  Yikes.  I think it might be time for a walk to the “koen” — park! 🙂
  • I’m hurriedly gulping the rest of my Toddy as a breakdown approaches — I’m gonna need it!
  • “Quit typing, Mom, and answer my whining at once!! OUTSIDE!” 🙂

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