Lap baby

I think he’s getting his incisors, so that definitely adds to the whining, but lately, Jones has been right behind my every move, whining and waiting to be picked up.  I can’t even sit at the table and journal, read, study, or type without the incessant “pick me up!” cry.  I love him!  It warms my heart when I think of him wanting to be a part of the things I do during the day, wanting to see the world from my perspective.  (When I cook, however, he’s quite content to stand on a stool at the sink and play with a spatula and tupperware.. for 10 minutes, at least.)  I’m feeling wearied, though, and I’m wondering if this is behavior that needs nurturing in a different direction or just another passing phase.

Thoughts, moms?


2 thoughts on “Lap baby

  1. i don’t know you well enough to spill all my “mommy knowledge” to you but I just want you to know I appreciate your humor and light-heartedness even when things can get tough and require loads of mental endurance! Transitioning to the home is difficult and lonely and your honest perspectives are quite refreshing – and in in a foreign country to boot! You’re doing an excellent job as a Mom! Hang in there. These times are fleeting. Just yesterday I was thinking – only 16 years till God may call Hudson to the mission field. 16 years???!!! That’s so not enough time!!!! Anyways, keep writing. And I’ll keep praying. -m.

  2. Thanks for the tip with the spatula and tupperware when you’re cooking. It works very very well with us too! I have no idea for about your question. Sorry–but if it helps, I know what you are going through. I had that a couple weeks ago. It was horrible. Those back teeth are pesky little things. The good thing I can say about it is that it will pass. You will live and it will pass. It’s really nice to blog about it and get your frustrations out though. Ah-men? 🙂 Just continue to love him the best way you know how. You strike me as an amazing and very real mother.

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