Kitchen vocab

Sometimes, in the midst of my homework, its very difficult to imagine being able to someday carry on a conversation in Japanese when all of my concentrated effort is required to remember the words for “kettle,” “ladle,” and “toothpick.” I simply can’t imagine using just these three words without completely stumbling over them.

Just look at them, would you? Do those look like words to you? And imagine with me, if you will, that this is not the only way to write them.. only kindergarteners write this way.

I think I can safely say that I’ll be remaining in kindergarten for life.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen vocab

  1. Jamie, we love you! That was truly a funny comment! (I hope you don’t mind me replying on your blog). Japanese is more difficult than I can even imagine but know that we love you more than you can imagine too! I can only offer this to help. Consider it to be like starting a new job (which I have done more often than I like to remember) Sometimes I have felt like “I am never going to figure this out”. Sometimes this goes on for weeks or even months. However, each time I have felt this way, it seems like just when I am ready to throw in the towel, I sort of wake up one day and everything falls into place. I can say “Wow, now that makes sense” or “now I see why this is done that way”. With this comes a feeling of finally really knowing what to do or say and also a true feeling of finally being “at home” and “belonging”. God is so great and He becomes very real for me at times like that. I can’t tell you when this might happen for you, but I know it will happen. In the meantime, enjoy each moment. You are very sweet, and a super-great mom and wife. I know you’ll be a great student of Japanese too.

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