Aesthetics are everything

Yesterday, Mandy and I took Jones to a neighborhood cafe` called “Snuggery,” which Bryan reminded me is probably supposed to be something akin to the English word “snuggly.”  Anyway, the cafe` is cool — orange leather couches and these blue-tiled coffee tables for sitting arrangements, coffee-made-by-the-cup with french or medium-roasted grounds, and a variety of cakes.  Not to mention the lunch menu and vast repertoire of alcoholic drinks.  A very cool place indeed.

We waited almost 15 minutes in the almost-entirely-empty-yet-full-staffed cafe` for our simple afternoon snacks, and when my plate arrived, I understood why — the only thing this angle doesn’t afford in the picture is the whipped-cream dollop topped with a mint sprig and some more berry sauce.  Wow.  My ‘snack’ was lovely.. and tasty.  And expensive, which is the sad part of it all.  Mandy and I lamented the Japanese prices, feeling like it was something akin to living in the Upper East Side of New York without the matching salary.  The plusses, however, are the amazing service and high value for aesthetics.

I’ve got to exit my reminiscing now and answer the call of my not-napping toddler.  I love it when we get back from busy, tiring trips, because it means Jones will sleep like a rock for a few days.  He is out of those ‘few days’ now, and is back to his rigorous teething regimen, for he keeps waking early from naps crying.  He’s vowed to get a full mouth of pearly whites before the tender age of 18 months, and he’s well on his way with 13 of 20 teeth.  Perhaps I need to wear him out more in the mornings.. or perhaps he needs to go down early.  I hate all this wondering and trial-and-error.  I think it probably hurts us more in the long run.

He’s pretty adamant about my coming, now.  I must go.


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