A short blogging hiatus

I’ve been gone for a bit.. There’s been much to write about, but little time, energy, or motivation to do so.  Life!  I keep starting blogs in my mind, but never get to the computer to write them.  But I’ve also been reminding myself that its good to live where I am, in the midst of what I’m doing, and not get caught up in another world (blogging) when so much is going on in my house and right outside my front door.  My neighbor girls want to take a walk.  A mom in the neighborhood invited me and Jones over to play (YAY! HUGE answer to prayer).  Jones wants to read the Japanese “Papa” book — AGAIN.  The sun is shining and begging for us to come enjoy.  There is coffee to be consumed, friends to chat with (what little I can), and places to go.  Life here is good when I live where I am.  And some of this is part of toddler life, I suppose — the need to always be moving, moving, moving.

Another part of toddler life — educational TV.  Or, in our case, DVDs.  We only have a few and received a new one in the mail today as part of a small mother’s day gift (thanks, Great Grandma Betty!) — the Wiggles.  Jones is enthralled, but I’m creeped out.   And wondering if I’m going to feel this way about all kid’s DVDs.

I have so much more to write about the condition of my heart and ways in which I’m growing, but few words to describe it — I just want my blog-readers to know, whoever you are, that God is good to me!  I am beginning a journey of discovering and understanding His deep love for me, and thus far, it’s been fantastic.  I’ve never prayed more or felt more or desired more or hoped more.  Though I am so far from home and I still long for the people, the places, the pictures of life there, I’ve never experienced more joy than I do now.  It’s a very strange mix of emotions, sometimes bitter, but also refreshingly sweet.  To be in God’s will for the time and to be content with where that is, despite its difficulties, costs, and sorrows — there’s nothing like it!  I’m thankful for His grace to me in this way, to accept and embrace this season of life.  I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

That, in short, would be the tidbits from my blogging hiatus.  I hope to post some “mom’s day” pics soon. (Same holiday, same day here in Japan!)


One thought on “A short blogging hiatus

  1. Wherever you are, be all there. –J. Elliot. Good advice, still. 🙂 It sounds like you’re making the right choice to be present in Japan.

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