See ya, Mom.

Today, I put Jones in his crib for naptime and he laid down, looked up at me with happy eyes, and said, “Bah-bah” as he waved to me.  🙂  As in, “Get outta here, Mom — me and my crib are gonna have some quality time.  See ya when I’m done!”  It’s so fun to be able to communicate with each other and to see his little personality and individuality start to come out.

こそだては ときどき たいへんですね、でも すごい たのしかった です。
Kosodate wa tokidoki taihen desune, demo sugoi tanoshikata desu.

Parenting is sometimes difficult, but it’s also very entertaining!


4 thoughts on “See ya, Mom.

  1. That is really sweet. It is neat how kids recognize that naptime is a good thing and look forward to it. They go from full-steam, get tired and go to a very cuddly stage and seem to really accept that they need to rest too. Thanks for sharing that moment with us. Jones is sooo cute and such a sweet little guy. ( I know, I know. Grandparent talk, but so true. Ha!)

  2. Hey girl! I had a similar experience this morning when I dropped Grady off at Jenee’s for the morning. He went into the playroom and started yelling ‘bye’ as he was running in. I stayed for a couple of minutes chatting with Jenee and Grady kept saying “bye mama”, “bye!”….and before I knew it, he came up right in front of me and YELLED, “Bye Mama!”. I guess he wanted to play on his own. 🙂 So sweet.
    Yay for Jones wanting to relax! What a sweet blessing it is when these little dudes are cool with just chilling for a while.

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