Do I really live here?

Today, after an afternoon away from the house, we were one block away from home when I suddenly felt and voiced the urge to stand up high somewhere and look down on all the things below me — when we didn’t make the turn to our house, I asked Bryan where we were going, and he replied, “To a high place.”

We spent the next 20 minutes driving around an area of Shizuoka that’s near our home and close to the mountains, surrounded by tea fields.  The sun was setting, the air was cool, and the scents of nature were prime — I kept looking around, thinking, “Do I really live five minutes from the ocean AND all this?”  Its breathtaking, ya’ll.  Japan is really a beautiful country, which many don’t assume because so many people are squeezed onto such a small island (more accurately, islands) — it must be shore-to-shore city, right?  Not so.   Japanese (and Asians in general, I think) have a high value for nature, and there are many quiet little and not-so-little nature nooks hidden everywhere.

It’s quite the contrast from flat and beautiful-in-its-own-way Nebraska.  I love it, I really do.


2 thoughts on “Do I really live here?

  1. I’m enjoying anything you write about Japan because it’s all new to me. Five minutes from tea fields, mountains and the ocean? Sounds amazing!

  2. I love that spot in the tea fields. I spent many-an-hour there re-couping from stress. It’s like a breath of fresh air. I love the view of Fuji-san from there….have you seen it? Maybe it’s spring and difficult to see now….

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