Spare time

Want to know how I’ve been spending my oh-so-precious free time lately?  I’d like to say I’ve been baking up a storm, or keeping my house meticulously clean, or visiting people’s houses, or actually putting away the clean laundry rather than letting it sit in a pile next to the dirty laundry.  Obviously, you know I haven’t spent it blogging.  Want to know whats been keeping me away from all these things — even from my precious blog?

Veronica Mars.  She’s sucked me in.  I just started season 2 — both B and I have stayed up ridiculously late to continue following the plot.  I’m embarrassed to even say my bedtime the last two nights, so I won’t.

On another note, anyone have any fun, creative ideas on what to do with a toddler that will keep mom entertained as well?  I’m collecting as many ideas as possible.


4 thoughts on “Spare time

  1. i feel like i am in the same boat jame- trying to figure out fun things to do- what we do- watch dora, cars.. not everyday but when needed! 🙂 color- learn countries on a map (it’s amazing how many they can pick up and can point to without knowing how to say the names of them) awesome one of my fav things to do!
    hide and seek with a stuffed animal- don’t quite understand but hilarious to watch them try to close their eyes! 🙂
    edible playdough
    those are just a few things off the top of my head..
    love ya

  2. “A long time ago, we used to be friends but I haven’t thought of you lately at all. [Everyone!] Come on now, sugar! Bring it on, bring it on.”

    I used to groove (okay, so I still do) to the season 1 intro… LOVE. THAT. SHOW.

    If Jones is a hands-on kinda boy, then he might like playing with water in a large tupperware. I also used to put Liv in the tub just to play for awhile! You can also put rocks or beans in a large basin–kids love to play with cups of beans. Make forts in the living room or build nests with blankets. Jump on couch cushions. Crayola makes window markers that are fun for drawing. I think you can make homemade window paints, too. I know Jones is still pretty young, so some of these ideas may not work.

  3. Cameron and I are having lots of fun in the kitchen. We make a huge mess because I let him help ‘measure’ and ‘stir’, but we both have fun and we also get something accomplished. Granola bars are the best because he can eat it while we’re working (no eggs).

    He can also busy himself for a long time with a dustpan or laundry basket with clothes (sorting!) so that we can work and play at the same time.

    Cam also enjoys crayons and markers while in his booster seat. So I write a note to someone and then pass it to him to work on. When we’re done we take a walk to the mailbox or hand-deliver it. Or if they’re for daddy, we hide them around the house :).

    Do you bike? I was just reading yesterday that handlebar child seats are popular in Japan… Jones would be right up near your face so you two could chat while you ride.

    Hope these ideas are helpful!

  4. Hmmm. Well, we bike and walk, but I’m sure you are very well versed in those activities. We also read books…although it seems like we’ve been reading the same 5 out of the millions he has. The books Caleb really seems to like right now are the ones that have a picture of something and the word right underneath. There are a lot of Usborne books that have this. Then I ask him, “Where’s the tractor?” and he’ll point to the tractor in the book. I don’t know if this will entertain you, but it’s fun seeing him grow. We’ve tended to make this a game wtih everything. “Where’s the bathroom?” and he’ll run to the bathroom and point. “Where’s the oven?” and so on. It tires him out nicely.
    Fitting things into things (ex. blocks into an empty Kleenex box) is a favorite of his as well. The biggest one though, is being outside. That’s his domain. Sometimes I let him run free and explore and he thinks that he is the coolest kid to walk on the planet. I usually go to a wooded area or a big park or something like that.
    Gosh, I feel like I’ve written nothing you don’t already know! I guess sometimes its nice to “remember” those things. It’s really easy for me to get into a pattern and forget to get out.

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