Our friend Sugi bought a nice, new camera the other day and wanted to take pictures of his favorite toddler.  I’m okay with the first harvest of the summer photo project not actually belonging to me, are you?

It was a good thing mom chose the “spirit” shorts today, because he needed it later when he was run over a by kid playing soccer in the street and smashed his mouth into the ground.  He bled and cried for a few minutes, and that was that.  We took pictures of our bloody shirts when dad got home, and I thought, “I probably wouldn’t have commemorated this moment with pictures if Jones had been a girl.”

Tomorrow is Wednesday, my favorite day of the week, and I think I’m going to spend the afternoon in Excelsior, sitting at my favorite table and sipping an iced almond caramel latte, looking out the window at the rain.  Yes, it’s going to rain tomorrow.  Weather is so different here — I’m used to the fickle Nebraska skies, where clouds mean it might rain in 5 minutes and last for 10, or they might blow away altogether before a drop hits the ground.  Here, clouds come on steadily all day, and if it doesn’t start raining by nightfall, it will usually start somewhere in the middle of the night and last the rest of the next day.  Its rainy season.  We have maybe one sunny day out of three — its kind of a nice change, but my hair and I have agreed that humidity is NOT our thing.

I’m off for my nightly shower.  Can’t stand the stickiness.  But its good for my hygiene, right?


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