Today went a little differently than planned in the last post. I did not go to Excelsior, and it did not rain. (!) I went to Starbucks, and the sky got increasingly cloudier and darker all day. We’ve now been 6 days without rain in Shizuoka, so we’re due — it usually means a loooong nap for Jones, too.

Yesterday, Jones and I went for an afternoon treat at “Thah-tee-won” (or Baskin Robbins). We sat out on their veranda and watched the cars go by. I’d spoon up some ice cream and hand it to Jones, he’d hold and wave at the cars while saying “bye bye!”, then promptly put it in his mouth. He did this maybe 20 times. Too fun!


One thought on “Today

  1. That ice cream thing sounds good and Jones is soooo cute! I can just see him waving at the cars, Ha! Wednesday is my favorite day too. I hope they don’t call from work. Dixie and I are both off today. Have a great week! Sugi’s pictures were great too.

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