Today was a laid-back day.  I slept in till about 8, and Bryan was already downstairs making coffee.  We read on the couch in our pajamas for a while, enjoying the silence and some good ole’ joe.  Jones woke up at 9, and we walked in the rain to Joy Fellowship at 10 — I got to wear my new green rain boots.  (Its been raining solid for 2 days now.)  After lunch: Jones went down for his nap, we watched a movie and read, opened the windows to smell and listen to the rain, I took a catnap.  Jones slept FOREVER — the peace and quiet, the rain, the laying around and reading.. all of it was DElicious.  So was the Starbucks we had after Jones woke up.  We spent the remainder of the day at Apita, enjoying coffee and chasing Jones around, getting some groceries on the side.

Here are Jones and I, toasting to a prosperous marriage for Melynda and Billy, my friends who were probably just leaving their wedding reception in St. Louis when we snapped this pic.  I love you, Mel, and I wish I was there with you!  I cried in the car, feeling so sad to miss this moment of your life — you have been a complete gem to me about it all, always encouraging and making me feel special and wanted, though I couldn’t be there.  Despite sadness, I felt peace, the kind only God can give in the midst of wanting something and not getting it — the peace of knowing you’re right where you’re supposed to be.  I have that today, and that is good.

Jones:  “Word up, Bill-dawg — take care of that girl now!”


3 thoughts on “Missing..

  1. hey jamison! cute picture! jones is getting so big and grown up looking! so handsome! i love your hair too! i can’t believe how long it is getting! you’re just so beautiful! hey, did you get my message the other day (facebook)? just curious… i hope the rain stops for you soon. i know it’s fun for a few days, but any longer can get a bit depressing. i’ll be praying for sunshine! : ) take care jamison. imucho amor!

  2. jame love you- that quote jones said i would have said those exact words! you’re the best! wish we could be face to face friends! 🙂

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