Money, money, money!

This afternoon, Bryan and I went out on a “date” to talk budget — so thrilling and romantic! But for us, coffee = date, no matter what we’re talking about. We were both thoroughly pooped by the end of the THREE HOUR paper-sorting, number-crunching, money-discussing, future-planning, goal-making session. But it was extremely relieving for me to put numbers on paper and get a sense for the big picture of our finances, now that we’re in Japan. Excel is calling my name and begging me to type it all in, whispering that my “J” will be appeased if everything is organized in neat, little lines. But I just can’t. I want to, but I can’t. Too tired.. so we’re going to reward our responsible selves with an old Indiana Jones flick (which many Japanese people reference when we tell them Jones’s name).

.. and maybe a cookie. Or two.

Sidenote: I have some updates from the last post, I’ll write later — but good things are happening, God is good to me!

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