I just sent out an update the other day, talking about how encouraged I was with language learning — and then the past two days have been the complete opposite.  I feel tired.  I feel behind.  I feel like I can’t remember anything and that learning Japanese is like entering Mordor, climbing mountains and scaling rocky walls, meeting enemies, all the while wishing I was somewhere else.  I am so glad that I don’t feel this way every day, that there are times of reprieve and encouragement.  Today, though, I feel as if there is this heavy burden and I’m too tired to lift it anymore — there are a million tasks to be done, but I lack the will for them.  Hoping the next “jump” comes quickly..

One thought on “Language

  1. Jamie your entry made us long to give you a hug so here is an internet one (HUG!) or as our marriage encounter team used to say, CYH (consider yourself hugged!)

    We know Japanese is much harder than we can imagine but thankfully God has let you know that every day is not like this and there are brighter times ahead tomorrow.

    Love you!
    Mike and Dixie

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