Licensed to kill.. roadkill, that is

Yes — I passed my driver’s test.  I am now the owner of a Japanese driver’s license, complete with a corpse-like picture in the right-hand corner.  Thank you Jesus for letting me pass!  I don’t think I could’ve gone back to that place again.

4 thoughts on “Licensed to kill.. roadkill, that is

  1. Congrats on passing that awful test! I am pretty confident that you did fine each time but it seems they want to take the opportunity to test you or “show you who’s in charge” before they pass you. I don’t understand it but now that it’s over, whoo hoo! Drive safely!!
    Love you.
    Mike and Dixie

  2. YEAH!!!! We are so proud of you! Can’t wait to come visit and let you drive us around 🙂 Oh also Regina Spektor. Love it!

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